Out of the frying pan

/ Friday, May 3, 2013 /
Sometimes I wake up and just need to have some fried for breakfast. Not eggs though, eggs and frying most definitely do not go together. This morning I had a banana and I had coconut oil as usual ready to be topped with yoghurt and other wholesome deliciousness before it got in my belly. Then I saw the frying pan still sitting out from last night’s lazy scramble dinner and an idea formed. Coconut oil, honey and banana in the pan. Oh! Did this exceed my imaginings! Sweet, coconutty, crispy-crusty-on-the-outside, molten-melty-on-the-inside fat banana chunk topping for my granola.

Fried banana layered on puffed millet coconutty granola, a heap of good thick greek yoghurt, fresh peanut butter and of course cinnamon because no breakfast is complete with out cinnamon.And possibly oats.

Puffed millet coconutty granola, I followed this recipe. And by followed it I mean I substituted most of the ingredients and method and then I burnt it and set the smoke alarm off so let’s just call it an homage to coconutty granola. It was good. I’m not sure about puffed millet though, I thought it was going to a crispy, crunchy rice bubble-esque kind of guy but there’s definitely not a snap, crackle or pop in sight (or mouth). Next time I’ll try a different sort of puff I think.

This is the kind of pretend decadent breakfast that makes it almost ok to be going to work on a weekend.



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