Eat your vegetables

/ Saturday, April 6, 2013 /
I LOVE food but I find food shopping really overwhelming, usually I'm in and out the door in about 15 minutes with exactly the same items each week. That's boring but I can't be bothered battling the crowds and after work has sucked the life out of me I am fresh out of food creativity. I have, from time to time, ordered a delivery from Woolies but the quality is not great - normally I would not choose a spongy apple but apparently this how Woolies thinks they are best eaten.

In fantasy life I head to the farmer's markets each weekend, unfortunately real life sees me working most weekends so it's not really an option. Then I figured online shopping could also probably be applied to a farmer's market situation and much to my delight I found Box Fresh. Wednesdays are now pretty exciting when I spot the new box at the front door.

Enough typing, here's tonight's dinner made out of Box Fresh produce and other random pantry/fridge/garden bits.

Pumpkin, rocket and feta salad with a side of not pictured chicken



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